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A Special ‘Holy Chrism’ Essential Oil for Blessing & Anointing

I selected 9 different oils that to me have a “sacred” essence using organic olive oil as the carrier oil (since it was used traditionally in Christian anointing formulas).
stain glass window portraying woman anointing Jesus Christ's feet

Easter 2010 ~ A sacred Christian remembrance of the prophet Jesus’ resurrection…the perfect occasion to write about  a hand-crafted synergestic Holy Chrism blend that integrates special oils from various religious and cultural traditions.

Nine Blessings™ Holy Chrism has a complex, deep, rich, lasting fragrance. 

Folks respond profoundly to it ~ from those who have no religious association for essential oils (like myself), to individuals with deep religious aromatic associations, to those who do daily meditations, and health practitioners working in healing professions.

9 Blessings™ holy chrism photo of bottle with stained glass angel

9 Blessings™ Holy Chrism, 3ml Bottle

If you would like to purchase ‘Nine Blessings’ Holy Chrism to use in a healing profession, your own spiritual journey, or sacred prayerwork, it’s available in our Gaia’s Pharmacopeia Shoppe OR you may contact Cynthe to place an order. VISA / MC or personal checks (Cynthe Brush Global) are accepted.

Sacred Oils have been used for thousands of years in spiritual rituals of various cultures and in all religious traditions….most often in the act of hands-on blessings and sacred anointings for births, marriages, royal coronations, healing the sick, special holidays, to impart sacredness to special objects, and in death transitions.

The multi-denominational Protestant Christian churches which I attended as a child did not use holy chrisms or even hands-on blessings and anointing….at least I don’t remember observing any.

The natural world has always filled me with awe and gratitude. Places like forests, mountain tops, wild rivers & lakes, and even intimate nature settings like my own garden remind me of the mystery & sacredness of life. Some of those aromas are particularly and personally “inspiring” ~ beautiful fragrances like ROSE, JASMINE, CINNAMON, BALSAM FIR, CEDARWOOD, EUCALYPTUS, SANDALWOOD, and Young Living essential oil blends such as BELIEVE, RC, SACRED MOUNTAIN, THREE WISE MEN & VALOR.

After studying holy oils from many religious traditions in the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification training I completed last  December 2009, we were asked to research and create our own HOLY CHRISM for anointing & for healing blessings to body, mind, and spirit.

hong kong buddha statue hand raised in blessing
Buddha statue with raised hand in blessing gesture

I selected 9 different oils that to me have a “sacred” essence using organic olive oil as the carrier oil (since it was used traditionally in Christian anointing formulas). The Nine Blessings essential oils were carefully formulated into a synergistic blend, so their healing properties would become more powerful in harmony than if used individually.

the number 9, detail on a clock face
Esoteric meaning of the number NINE: Completion, Compassion, Wise Humanitarian

NOTE: Nine, the number of sacred EOs I chose, is the number of Compassion, Humanity, Service to Others, & Wisdom. Perfect for a sacred essential oils blend!

There are real physical and emotional effects as a basis for why these essential oils have long been considered sacred, as you may read in the following  individual descriptions:

Cedarwood (a traditional Native American holy essence, opens the pineal gland)
~ Emotionally purifying & protective, it calms anger, anxiety & nervous tension.
~ Physically, it’s rejuvenating  and restorative, especially for the nervous, respiratory, pulmonary & urinary systems. Protective against infections & disease.

~ An uplifting fragrance. Emotionally, helps one relax from stress, irritability, nervousness. It’s calming when one has experienced shocks or is experiencing fearfulness.
~ Physically, it’s a gentle stimulant for low energy, especially for the cardiac, circulatory & nervous systems). Protective against fungal infections & disease. Relieves pain.

Frankincense (a traditional Middle Eastern holy oil / incense)
~ Emotionally, it increases spiritual awareness, helps with emotional balance.
~ Physically, it supports the immune system and is protective against many ailments & disease (too many to list).

Hyssop (a traditional Hebrew holy oil)
~ Emotionally, it helps with anxiety / nervous tension / stress / grief, is clarifying, helping with focus, may stimulate creativity.
~ Physically, supportive to the cardiovascular, nervous & respiratory systems, and healing for many issues.

Ledum (a northern Native American, including Eskimos, healing essence)
~ Physically, supports the digestive, immune, nervous & respiratory systems, the liver & urinary tract, and skin. Helpful with thyroid regulation. Protective against tumors & viruses.

Patchouli (a traditional Asian healing essence)
~ Emotionally sedating, calming, relaxing, reduces anxiety, counteracts depression.
~ Physically, it digests toxins, supports the digestive system, & heals all sorts of skin issues, insect bites, & allergies.

Sandalwood (a traditional Asian sacred oil / incense, similar effects & uses as Frankincense, opens the pineal & pituitary glands)
~ Emotionally, calms, harmonizes & balances emotions. Stimulating, yet grounding, it helps one accept others with a loving heart. Counteracts depression, removes negativity & buried traumas. Good for contemplation / meditation.
~ Physically, supports the cardiovascular system, nerves, lymphatic system, muscles & bones.

Western Red Cedar (referred to as the ‘Tree of Life.’ Used by ancient civilizations to enhance communication with Spirit.)
~ Emotionally, calming, has powerful effects on the subconscious & unconscious mind enhancing spiritual awareness. Good for contemplation / meditation.
~ Physically, protective against infections & disease.

White Fir (highly prized for its lovely aroma by indigenous peoples)
~ Emotionally, good for anxiety, nervous tension, emotional balance. Stimulates the mind., yet is grounding, anchoring, & empowering.
~ Physically, prized for medicinal effects against respiratory complaints, fevers, muscular & rheumatic pain. Calming, soothing to overworked tired muscles & joints, reduces inflammation & pain.

hands on blessing healing of young teenage boy
Hands-on Blessings are part of many religious traditions


  • Prayerwork, Meditation, Sacred Occasions
  • Healing Professions
  • For Death & Dying, Hospice Care
  • For major life passages: birth (highly diluted for infants), baptism, pregnancy, weddings, anniversaries, funerals

Please let us know how YOU use sacred essential oils or “holy chrisms” in your life and work. If you have purchased 9 Blessings, we are very interested in your responses to it or to learn about the responses of others that you may have observed.

Live life knowing that we are ALL blessed, each and every one!

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6 thoughts on “A Special ‘Holy Chrism’ Essential Oil for Blessing & Anointing”

  1. Dear Rev. Father ,

    I want to buy this chrism oil, but i don’t know the way, could you please help me to buy this oil & price

    Thanking you

  2. You are aware that once an Item that has been blessed is sold then it is no longer blessed this after being sold is just oil. Even our Lord Jesus admonished Judas for trying to charge or make a profit from items and blessings.
    Now if you were to give it away then no problem.
    Stay Blessed

    • Father Edward ~ My perspective is different. I am not ‘blessing’ these sacred oils. Creator has inherently blessed the oils with unique compounds, gifted them to inspire us through aroma, and to have a real beneficial effect on our emotional & physical well-being. I have researched various oils traditionally used over hundreds of years for sacred purposes and created this special blend. Customers are able to use the blend for their own blessings.

      The cost of purchasing ‘9 Blessings’ Holy Chrism covers my investment in these expensive essential oils and my formal certification training (which wasn’t free), for research time, careful considerations, and creative inspiration. It’s an honorable exchange. I’m sure your own work is not invalidated by the compensation you receive either. Thanks for sharing your understanding of how blessed oils have been used in Biblical references.


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