Back-To-Back™ for Relief of Back Spasms

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2006 Introduction 
~ A powerfully anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving blend of 3  therapeutic essential oils including CLOVE. An effective 46% jojoba oil dilution to soothe nerve & muscles.

Back-To-Back™ ~ May minimize distress of BACK ACHES / Muscle SPASMS, the discomfort and pain of minor back injuries or strains. Developed this custom pain-relieving blend for my father, who had a minor back injury with some muscle spasms. After a personal phone consultation, the blend recipe was formulated from therapeutic-quality essential oils my folks had on hand.

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Put several drops in the palm of your hand. Stir counter-clockwise 3 times with your fingers to energize the oils. Then apply per suggestions. Leave on, let absorb into skin. The essential oils and luxurious jojoba carrier will absorb completely after a minute or two without any oily residue.

For Back Spasms, Pulled Muscles & Strains: Apply on the tender sore area several times a day as needed. This blend may be diluted with jojoba to last longer, if you prefer.

For ACUTE Health crises use 100% undiluted essential oils.
Diluted Essential oil blends (5%-20%) are often MORE EFFECTIVE for treating:
* CHRONIC Health Issues
* IMMUNE-Compromised Individuals
SOURCE: ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program.

NOTES: Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive (but have minimal negative side effects compared to conventional, toxifying pharmaceuticals). They’re very effective and powerful. A little goes a long way.
<strong>CAUTION: *Keep bottles out of reach of children & pets.*</strong>

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We appreciate knowing how these blends work for YOU. Every person’s health circumstances are different with individual preferences and responses, so results & experiences vary.

Researching and getting the ‘right’ combination of essential oils to aid an individual’s body in healing is a healing art, combining science with intuition. I keep records on the folks I’m able to assist, to learn from their experience, pattern of healing, etc.

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