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Bonz™ Essential Oils Balm for Broken Bones, Fractures and Joint Injuries

BONZ™ may be used to assist the body in healing Broken BONES, FRACTURES, Injured LIGAMENTS & TENDONS, SPRAINS & STRAINS, BRUISING

Bandai !! Jumping experiment (part II)

In May 2006, our 24-year-old Tai Chi instructor broke his ankle doing a Kung Fu flying jump during a public demonstration.

After receiving standard medical treatment…wearing a cast for 6 six weeks, followed by physical therapy exercises once the cast was off, and although he took care not to re-aggravate the injury, his ankle was still aching painfully 2-3 months later with hard tissue spots and uncomfortable stiffness.

I wondered if a synergistic blend of essential oils could speed healing of broken bones, fractures and joint injuries… easing pain, reducing inflammation & internal scar tissue to restore full function to his ankle. So, I researched essential oils to achieve those healing benefits.

The result, BONZ has been one of my MOST successful synergistic blends: a combination of five powerfully healing essential oils, including

CLOVE, LEMONGRASS & PEPPERMINT with two other oils, diluted in a sports massage oil blend.

What I suggest to customers is to apply BONZ™ several times a day following their own intuitive understanding of their body’s needs.

~ BONZ™ may be used to assist the body in healing Broken BONES, FRACTURES, Injured LIGAMENTS & TENDONS, SPRAINS & STRAINS, BRUISING / It’s sold in a 1oz dropper bottle and available from the Gaia’s Pharmacopeia on-line store. (See tab in NAV Menu links)

Customer Comments:

1-14-09 My son broke his fibula and tore ligaments in his high school football game. I will tell you that his ankle healed excellently. His range of motion is good and [there’s] no palpable pain. Muscular weakness is the only issue we are dealing with now. He has two pins to be removed on the 15th. After that he can begin a serious strength building regime. Thanks again.

(6-15-09 Additional comments) I will tell you my son’s story. He went through two bottles of BONZ™. Two weeks after his last orthopedic visit he participated in a track meet at Taft High. He ran the 100 and 200 meter dash and won both….I feel a combination of youth/genetics/massage therapy/BONZ/nutritional supplements all contributed to his fast recovery. Now, he is participating in spring football and is dealing with the aches and pains that go with it. If he has any joint pain I include BONZ™ in the recovery therapy.
~ Anthony N.

12-17-08 Fractured my ankle 1-1/2wks ago….I’d like to start using your oil ASAP. I’m so looking forward to using it, so I can get this ankle healed sooner. (1-6-09) I luv the smell of this blend.
~ Caldine (Canada)

4-18-2008 Put BONZ™ on…daily since I received it. My big [ankle surgery] incision…been closed, scab free for days! My physical therapist commented yesterday morning about how well it healed up, closed, and is fading back into my foot really quickly. I told him I’ve been using the oils [on the incision] twice daily. He was pretty impressed. He worked alongside an ankle surgeon for a couple years, so I definitely think he’s has the experience to know the healing process for ankles!
~ Kellie F.

8-2006 After Justin’s started using the BONZ™ blend his discomfort lessened to the degree that he never complained about his ankle again.


Bonz™ is Available for purchase at Gaia's Pharmacopeia

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2 thoughts on “Bonz™ Essential Oils Balm for Broken Bones, Fractures and Joint Injuries”

  1. Sounds great! I wish I’d had a product like this years ago when I had injuries! I’m curious about what the other two oils might be – is it a secret recipe or can you share? Just for interest!

    Glad to have found your blog/site!

  2. Jenny ~ Glad you’ve discovered the EOH blog. Essential oils (therapeutic-grade) really amaze me. I’m constantly learning new ways to use them….will be starting a new article on Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) today.

    BONZ™ is my special proprietary formula, which I share with customers through the Gaia’s Pharmacopeia e-Store. The five essential oils I combine work synergistically, amplifying their individual healing qualities. PLUS they boost the effects of Young Living Oils ‘secret’ formula of OrthoSport Massage Oil (where the ingredients are listed, but the proportions are protected).

    I spend a LOT of time reading about essential oils and learning how they help our bodies to heal. Whenever a new health issue crops up for me, my family, friends or acquaintances…..I’m off on the research trail to see what EOs might help!

    This is not to say my two 30-something sons are willing to follow or even TRY my recommendations…but sons can be like that. (I don’t hold it against them.) My hubby, Bill, has been quite pleased with the results he’s gotten for cuts, mouth wounds, infections, and recurring herpes.

    Anyway… because I put SO much time into learning, researching, and developing these special formulas (which I seem to have been a ‘gifted’ a talent for) I choose to keep the full formulas ‘secret.’


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