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Essential Oils Dissolve Fatty Tumors (Lipomas)

She called two weeks later, thrilled! The lipomas had become smaller. The painful one wasn’t sore anymore. My client had been faithfully applying our custom blend morning and evening. LOVES the relaxing aroma and is very optimistic about the outcome."

In late February, a client from 2009 called for a clinical (medical) aromatherapy consultation. She wondered if essential oils dissolve fatty tumors? She had 2 lipomas growing on her arms. (Lipomas are non-malignant fatty tumors…often genetic, her mother has them, too.) One was getting sore to touch…worrying her.

Standard Medical ‘Treatment’ for Lipomas

Is one of two choices:
~ To live with them, if they aren’t uncomfortable (as weirdly unsightly as they are).
~ OR to do surgery leaving ugly scars….and more often than not, the lipomas grow back in the same or near by location.

After watching some YouTube videos on lipoma surgeries, my client decided that option was definitely NOT for her, prompting her call for this consultation and request a custom formulated essential oils remedy to dissolve fatty tumors.

eLipoma-on-backFat-Dissolving Essential Oils

I researched fat-dissolving essential oils, compiling a list of seven, including Grapefruit (of course!) and Patchouli, among others. With my client’s permission, I dowsed for which essential oils would benefit her body’s ability to heal the lipomas, selecting 6 of the 7 essential oils for a custom blend. I then created Lypos™ a 10% dilution  strength using organic virgin coconut oil as the carrier. Both my client and husband, liked its Earthy – Spicy – Fresh Citrus fragrance.

illustration of lipoma under skinShe called two weeks later, thrilled! The lipomas had become smaller. The painful one wasn’t sore anymore. My client had been faithfully applying our custom blend morning and evening. LOVES the relaxing aroma and is very optimistic about the outcome.

She thinks I’m a miracle-worker / healer. I think she’s a sweetheart… receptive and willing to use nature’s incredible holistic remedies. I feel honored to do this work.


Common Questions Asked About Lipomas

Lipomas develop when an accumulation of fatty deposits form a lump in the subcutaneous tissue. These tumors can grow to be large, weighing many pounds depending on where they’re located and how long they’ve been growing.

It’s possible for lipomas to disappear on their own, but this is not common.

The size of lipomas may change over time. They can grow to surround blood vessels, nerves, and muscles obstructing proper function and causing discomfort. Most people wait until their tumor is large before seeking professional help.

Generally not. Lipomas are soft, pliable masses, unless they have grown into or around a muscle, tendon, or ligament.

No. Lipomas cannot be drained. They can be removed via surgery or possibly extracted with liposuction, if they are near the skin’s surface.

Squeezing a fatty tumor is not advisable, as doing so could cause harm. Squeezing lipomas could damage the skin, injuring surrounding tissues, resulting in inflammation and possible infection.

 You may remove a lipoma with multiple daily applications of steam-distilled essential oils (or blends made with them) used over several months time. With a proper diagnosis from your medical practitioner, you can take charge of your own health and well-being. For these reasons home remedies are worth trying before opting for surgery.

There are some alternative treatments that may work without surgery for people who have small, less significant, tumors. Treatments include having anti-inflammatory steroids injected into the tumor, reducing fatty deposits through diet changes and exercise (lipomas typically shrink when you lose weight), using essential oils externally on the skin for several months before they dissolve completely, depending on the size / age of the fatty tumor.

Fat dissolving essential oils and blends can be used to treat fatty tumors without performing removal surgery. You may use essential oils topically by applying them directly to the skin over and around your lipoma.

Many essential oils can support the body in dissolving fat such as basil, cedarwood, clove, all citrus oils, cumin. cypress, fennel, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, lemongrass, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Different essential oils can be mixed together or with carrier oils such as jojoba or coconut oil to make a pleasant smelling blend. 
 Dissolving lipomas is a process that requires patience and diligence. You can dissolve the tumor by applying essential oils topically by applying the oils to your skin for several months before lipomas may disappear completely for some users.

With patient consistency, applying essential oils topically for several to many months is a gentle non-invasive, method to dissolve lipoma tumors without surgery. You will need to apply the oil twice daily (morning and night) for at least a month or two before you will see changes in the lipoma. Small, newer tumors will be easier and quicker to treat than larger, older, more significant ones. There are no scientific studies on how long treatment may take or rate of success as clinical trials have not been conducted because lipomas aren’t seen as life-threatening issues. This doesn’t mean lipomas have to be tolerated, since there are natural treatments that have helped some individuals!

The best treatment depends on the individual and what other complications they might have like high blood pressure or diabetes – talk to your medical practitioner for an accurate diagnosis and to discuss which treatment options are right for you.

They may be removed surgically or with liposuction, but neither procedure guarantees the lipoma won’t reoccur. Any surgery involves risks for patients and the likelihood of permanent scarring. Essential oils offer an alternative to surgery by supporting the body to dissolve fatty tumors naturally without side effects.

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26 thoughts on “Essential Oils Dissolve Fatty Tumors (Lipomas)”

  1. My husband has lipomas on both sides of his face just below his eye. He plans to have them removed in January by a dermatologist. Would this be safe for the face? I’d love for him to be able to avoid surgery.

    • Hi Chris ~ Absolutely! Lypos™ is completely gentle and safe for use on the face. However, the effects won’t be instantaneous (ie. the lipomas won’t be gone by January 2017). Depending on how large his lipomas are and how long he’s had them, it may take his body some time (several months or more) to dissolve the lipomas with daily applications.

      Would your husband be willing to put off surgery for awhile? The problem with lipoma surgery are the scars plus I’ve read lipomas often return to the same site.

    • Shannon ~ The recipe contains minuscule amounts (.04%) of two essential oils (peppermint and sage) that are recommended to avoid during pregnancy and on small children. Would you be using the blend near your breasts? If so, caution may advise against it ’til you finish breastfeeding. If you would be using the blend at a distance from your breasts, then your body would serve to dilute those oils to the degree they would be inconsequential.

    • Ali ~ Thanks for your inquiry. We mail internationally, but have to charge shipping for all orders outside of the continental USA. If you email me the Australia / India addresses, I can estimate the costs for you.

  2. Hi – thanks for interesting info. Curious why Patchouli is in your formula and how you decided on Young Living and Nature’s Gift oils over other brands.

    • Hi Joan ~ Young Living oils were my introduction to essential oils. Used their EOs exclusively for almost a decade. Gary Young, YLEOs founder, was passionate about nature’s healing plants and studied internationally with various experts. Over the years, he refined the distillation equipment, process, and learned how to cultivate these medicinal plants to maximize their healing properties.

      Nature’s Gift is committed to quality oils. Has been in the business since the early-to-mid 1990s, so aren’t newbies. Though I don’t always agree with their owner’s ideas about how to use essential oils for healing (plus she’s very anti-YLEO)…the products they carry are good and reasonably priced.

      Patchouli is anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. A natural healing function of our bodies is to encapsulate toxins in fat, lumps, tumors. My sense is a factor of lipomas may be a ‘protective’ immune system response. Patchouli is excellent for the skin, tissue regeneration, cellulite, weight loss. It also provides a base note to the blend. My philosophy in creating blends is to find a synergy between the essential oil ingredients to improve the healing support the blend offers our customers’ immune systems.

  3. Do you have any testimonials or before and after photos? And what is the success rate? Very interested as I have a few on my arms and legs.

    • Hi Mary ~ We have a few testimonials on the product page and have several more to add. I always suggest customers take before-and-after photos for themselves and to send to us, but they rarely do. Have a few ‘befores’ and no ‘afters.’ Frustrating, I know. Also, do not have stats on success rate…again because only a handful of folks send feedback, even if I ask directly via email. Do know Lypos does not work for every customer. Every body is different and responds (or doesn’t) uniquely. This is why I suggest people buy one jar to start. Depending on the size and number of lipomas, it will last 1-2 months with 2xday applications. Within that time, if the Lypos is helping reduce the size / shape / texture of the lipoma(s) it should be noticeable, even if subtle. It helps to take photos and measures before one starts.

  4. Hi, im from Philippines, id like to try your essential oils since i have lipoma on my shoulder. How can i buy this stuff? And may i know how much it cost? Thanks..

    • Hi Marthel ~ There is a link at the bottom of the article that takes you to the purchasing page. The prices and other product details are there. Thanks for your interest in our naturally healing products.

  5. I have multiple allergies could you please give me that full ingredient list of the Lypos. I want to make sure that it does not contain something I am allergic to.

    • Lypos is a proprietary blend (trade secret…similar to the perfume industry) in a 10% dilution.
      The carrier is organic coconut oil.This can be a problem for folks with nut allergies. The formula can be made with Jojoba, but then it will be liquid and not a cream.
      The major essential oil ingredient is Grapefruit EO with support synergies from spice and herb EOs, Patchouli EO being one.
      Is there a spice or herb you need to avoid? I will be happy to let you know if the formula contains that.
      Appreciate your interest in our naturally healing products.

    • Peggy ~ Dogs tend to respond well to essential oils, but as with any individual not all products (or foods, or medications, etc.) will work for every one. I always suggest trying one jar of Lypos to see how the body responds.

      Also, this blend is a 10% concentration and will need to be diluted further to 2% for use on a dog. Take a 1/2 teaspoon of Lypos, diluted further in a Tablespoon of barely warm, melted organic coconut oil before applying. The coconut oil carrier is excellent for dogs.

      Not much needs to be put on the lipoma. Rub it into her coat and skin. Hopefully, she won’t lick it off. Observe what her response is….whether she likes the aroma or doesn’t. Dogs, with their keen sense of smell, can benefit tremendously from the aromatic compounds in essential oils. But, you don’t want to treat her with a product she doesn’t like.

      Hope this information is helpful.

    • Hi May ~ I’m just finding your comment now. Apologies for the delay. The essential oils get absorbed through the skin and circulated throughout the body within 20 minutes or so. If his body is going to respond to our Lypos blend, then it should still be effective. However, it does not work for everyone as we all have different chemistry and reasons the body has formed a lipoma. Give it a try and see if any changes are observed after one jar is finished. I suggest folks measure the lipoma before-and-after, but with a deep one, am not sure how this would be done?

  6. Hi, you mentioned in an earlier post that your sense is that a factor of lipomas may be a ‘protective’ immune system response. I actually have the same idea too. Would that mean that dissolving the lipoma would then release the toxins back in the body?

    • Hi Irena ~ I do not know if lipomas sequester toxins. That’s just an idea that occurred to me, since I have read toxins can be stored in body fat. I do know lipomas are often genetic and inherited (run in families). We’ve have a couple of customers whose lipomas formed after an impact injury to the area.

      To avoid the possibility of toxins being flushed back into the body, I always suggest users increase their water intake to help the body dispose of whatever may be reabsorbed as the lipoma shrinks. Another way of flushing the body would be to take a hot bath in deep water where the whole body is submerged. The skin can function much like our kidneys to remove toxins with a long soak….30 minutes or so.


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