Balsam Fir Essential Oil

(Abies Balsamea)


Analgesic, Antiseptic (genito-urinary, pulmonary), astringent, diuretic, expectorant, nerve sedative with cortisone-like action, and over all tonic.

NOTE: YLO Balsam Fir EO is distilled in mid-winter, under precise conditions, from trees grown in renewable forests here in the USA  and is much superior to other brands.

Traditional Medicinal Plant Healing Heritage

Body Systems Affected

French Medical Uses

Other Health Uses

Aches & Pains (Muscular / Joints), Burns-Cuts-Sores, Coughs, Lungs (apply several drops on chest), Fever, Depression-Anger (1 drop rubbed on wrists-sniff), Stress. Apply on tailbone for grounding when overwhelmed or thoughts too busy.

The adrenals can be supported with BALSAM FIR essential oil (therapeutic-quality) which smells marvelous, is very calming & relaxing, and proven in research studies to reduce cortisol levels.
~ To lower overall cortisol stress-response levels rub 3-6 drops on soles of feet daily. I apply Balsam Fir on my back near the spine a hand’s width above my waist where the kidneys/adrenals are located.

For inflammation: Gary Young takes 20 drops of Fir oil in a glass of water. It helps him with inflammation from broken bones and old injuries. He suggests a beginner [can] take 2-3 drops of Balsam Fir in a glass of water daily.

- Photo-sensitive. Avoid direct sunlight for 3-6hrs after use on exposed skin. (Soles of the feet are okay. On chest under clothing is okay, too.) Sniffing from the bottle is fine as well.
- Keep out of reach of children & pets.


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