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‘Mandarin Spring’™ ~ Citrus & Roses Natural Perfume with a Hint of Mystery

Mandarin Spring™, a fragrance that elicits appreciative “hmms & ahhs” from everyone who smells it, men and women alike.

Among the 40 therapeutic essential oil recipes I’ve formulated, 5 are lovely “healing” perfumes. Mandarin Spring™ ~ Summer Dreams™ & Woodrose™ have pronounced rosy notes. Paradis™ & Sarazz™ (our newest 2010 fragrance) have distinct citrus nuances.

In this article we introduce Mandarin Spring™, a fragrance that elicits appreciative “hmms & ahhs” from everyone who smells it, men and women alike.

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Mandarin Spring
™ Available in a 1.8ml tester bottle, $17 (FREE Shipping) // 5ml Roll-On Bottle by Special Order.

You may purchase natural perfumes from our GAIA’s PHARMACOPEIA Shoppe. VISA / MC / PAYPAL are accepted.

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In 2003, when I began formulating custom healing blends from therapeutic essential oils, I was also intrigued with the possibility of creating exquisite therapeutic perfumes. At first, with the idea of making unique perfumes for myself.

With endless aromatic approaches to explore, the novice perfumer’s tendency is to over-do… (professional perfumers are not exempt IMO!) combining too many essential oils in one blend. Some of my initial tries definitely suffered from this malady.

By trial-and-error, I’ve discovered several perfume “divas” ~ jasmine, sandalwood, and ylang ylang to name a few ~ get stronger the longer they’re worn, becoming too intense after awhile. Diluting fragrance oils in perfumers’ alcohol or jojoba carrier oil remedies this quite successfully. And even the most expensive French “parfums” contain only 30% fragrance oils.

mandarin-spring™ natural botanical perfume with rose and mandarin orange notes in roll-on bottle | Photo Copyright © Cynthe Brush www.essentialoilsforhealing.com www.gaiaspharmacopeia.com www.gaiaspharmacy.comA delightful rose & citrus perfume, Mandarin Spring™ has REAL health benefits ~ attributes of its pure therapeutic essential oil ingredients that I infuse in organic jojoba, a luxurious skin emollient.

ROSE (Rosa damacena) has the highest frequency of ALL essential oils (320 MHz), a frequency which helps our bodies ‘reset’ to our own healthy human resonance of 62-68 MHz.
~ Physically, rose is anti-infectious, relaxing, soothing.
~ Emotionally, it’s stimulating & elevating to the mind, creating a sense of cheer, well-being & balance. (Who hasn’t experienced THAT effect sniffing a fragrant rose?)

RED MANDARIN (Citrus reticulata var. mandarin)
~ Physically, mandarin is antiseptic, a nervous system sedative and slightly hypnotic. Supports the digestive system and can be used to relieve asthma.
~ Emotionally, it’s gently appeasing to the mind, is uplifting, and creates a feeling of happiness. Soothes stress & irritability, is refreshing, revitalizing.

~ The other essential oil components in Mandarin Spring™ are analgesic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic & relaxing to the body with subtle sedative properties. Even with the relaxing effects, the essential oils also act as gentle stimulants (cardiac, circulatory, nervous systems) for those with low physical energy. And contain estrogen, useful for hormonal issues. Lowers glucose by normalizing insulin levels supporting pancreatic function. Soothing for the skin & improves elasticity.

~ Emotionally appeasing to the mind creates a feeling of peace & gentleness. Helps one relax from stress, irritability, & nervousness. Provides a calming influence to those suffering from shock (grief) or fear. In informal trial aromatic testing (asking my family & friends for their opinions) both women & men are intrigued with and enjoy Mandarin Spring’s™ fragrance.

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USAGE Suggestions:

Use as a perfume, but in small quantities. 1 drop shared between both wrists, behind the jawline, or on the chest, or a trace to scent a handkerchief or pillowcase. Don’t wipe off your skin. It will absorb completely without leaving any oily residue. Because the perfume oil does get absorbed, you won’t find yourself wanting to ‘escape the cloying fragrance’ after you tire of it in a few hours. In fact, you may wish to reapply more!

For stress-relief OR the beginnings of headaches (including migraines), inhale as often as you wish. It doesn’t have to be applied to the skin. EOs go deep into the emotional center of our brains easing stress & tensions, calming our anxieties, and making us cheerful, optimistic & happy. These positive effects will occur even if your sense of smell is not ‘keen’ as the healthful benefits still effect your well-being. Do be aware effects and results vary from person to person.

NOTE: If you want ‘more’ perfume, you may dilute Mandarin Spring™ with 50 additional drops of organic Jojoba oil and still be within the British Guidelines of a therapeutic ratio of essential oils.

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Essential Oils for Physical Health & Well-Being, a program of Certification in Aromatherapy designed by Linda Smith. Learn more: www.ISHAaromatherapy.com

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2 thoughts on “‘Mandarin Spring’™ ~ Citrus & Roses Natural Perfume with a Hint of Mystery”

  1. This got to me just in time. I was starting a migraine when it arrived. I didn’t stop to read the instructions but intuitively pressed a drop of this magic against each temple and the middle of my forehead. The aroma is very relaxing and I could feel the stress melt away. I use it when I am tired and lack the energy to go through the day. The aroma has a reviving quality that I cannot explain!

    Thank you, Cynthe, for this wonderful essential oil!

    • You are MOST welcome, Manisha!

      For months….as I read your blog Indian Food Rocks and chatted with you via Facebook, kept getting the ‘hit’ that pure Rose essential oil was a perfect match for you. Even suggested you consider purchasing some for yourself ages ago. Of course being the refined lady that you are, therapeutic quality Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive ones…(You know, only the BEST for Manisha!)

      When I heard you suffer from chronic migraines and that Medha does, too….thought your family might enjoy this healing perfume. At the very least, knew you’d enjoy it! But even I was surprised (and awed) at the instantaneous results you experienced. I just love these oils. And empowering folks to heal themselves with natural essences is deeply satisfying.


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