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Part 2) Therapeutic-Quality Essential Oils Aid Healing & Preventing Infection in Wounds or Surgical Incisions

Our custom essential oil blends ~ created to bolster folks’ immune systems ~ have been very effective in helping people recover from major surgeries or infections.
AngelsTouch™ essential oils blend with glass angel

The second article in a 2-Part Series:
Essential Oils May Help Heal Hospital-contracted Infections & Prevent Deaths

My apologies for taking almost a year-and-a-half getting to this follow-up article. When I posted the first article (FEB 2008), I had NO idea what a poignant & grief-stricken year lay ahead for my family.

In March 2008, 2-1/2 years after first being diagnosed, undergoing a single breast mastectomy followed by intensive chemo, my sweet daughter-in-law Briana Brownlow received the terrible news that the breast cancer had metastasized to her bones & lymph (lungs).

Just a month shy of her 29th birthday, when she discovered the ‘lump’ in 2005, Bri was one of 5% of women diagnosed under the age of 40. She died quietly here in our home in late OCT 2008. I was by her side, holding her hand as Bri took her last soft breath.

Ironically, in April 2008, after we found out about the cancer metastasis, our websites got hacked viciously. With less than a week’s warning, our former hosting provider demanded we take our sites off-line….since they were being used to launch attacks on other sites – a serious felony. So, while Bri’s body was being ravaged by cancerous malignancies, our websites were acting like cancer gone wild over the internet. Shocking and eerie, to say the least.

It forced us to make our sites extra secure with constant management by an internet security specialist and to rebuild this blog from scratch, which has turned out to be good. And though we still miss Bri terribly, our family is recovering and learning to face the future without her.

Now, back to this article. Our custom essential oil blends ~ created to bolster folks’ immune systems ~ have been very effective in helping people recover from major surgeries or infections. Will share notes on these blends & a few testimonials from customers, family & friends who have used them to heal after surgery or from troublesome infections.

*   *   *
AngelsTouch™ essential oils blend with glass angelAngels Touch™ created in 2003, was our first specialty blend. A dear friend of a friend, was suffering terrible pain from an abscessed abdominal incision after undergoing major colon surgery. The incision wasn’t healing or responding to conventional medical protocols. Charles dubbed us his ‘angels’ as he loved this exquisite blend‘s aroma & the incision healed beautifully.

ANGELS TOUCH (5ml bottle) For assisting healing of ABSCESSES / WOUNDS / SURGICAL incisions | FREE Shipping

A lovely, emotionally uplifting, soothing blend of 7 therapeutic-quality essential oils, including Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, & Sandalwood, a 24% dilution of therapeutic essential oils in organic jojoba oil. (Email for pricing on larger quantities.)

*   *   *
Label for Burn-Rx™ essential oils blend
This past February 2009, while a friend was traveling in India, he had a freak accident, spilling almost boiling water on his lap! Suffered second & third degree burns on his thighs. After receiving 7 weeks of medical attention with specialized burn care (which prevented any infection), he asked me to formulate an essential oils blend to promote skin healing and to prevent / minimize permanent scarring.

BurnRx™ (15ml glass orifice bottle) For assisting healing of minor BURNS / Reducing SCAR TISSUE formation | FREE Shipping

An 9% dilution of powerfully healing, emotionally encouraging & uplifting essential oils – 4 flowering herbs traditionally used for skin care – blended with Frankincense in organic Jojoba oil. (BurnRx may ordered in larger quantities to minimize scar tissue on larger burn areas, after appropriate medical care has been received.

Linda Smith, my Certification instructor, teaches that dilute blends are often MORE EFFECTIVE in treating CHRONIC or slow healing health issues than using essential oils undiluted.

*   *   *
REVIVE™ essential oils blend with ceramic Chinese philosopher figurineRevive™
an amazingly healing, emotionally encouraging & uplifting blend – was developed in collaboration with my daughter-in-law to speed healing, prevent infection & minimize scar tissue after her breast cancer mastectomy.

Bri and my son, Marc, were very disheartened after her surgery in December 2005, when she and I discussed creating the blend. Within a few moments as we were mixing the essential oils, their attitudes changed completely to being hopeful, enthused, and full of creative ideas. This blend has worked beautifully for others dealing with post-mastectomy & uterine fibroid surgeries.

REVIVE (5ml bottle) For healing SURGICAL INCISIONS / WOUNDS / Reducing SCAR TISSUE formation | FREE Shipping

3 EOs blended synergistically, including Geranium & Lemongrass, as a 42% of therapeutic essential oils in organic jojoba oil. (For large post-surgery areas or wounds, this blend is available in 5% or 15% dilutions. Email me for pricing.)

Customer Comments:

8-24-2008 The geranium blend…REVIVE, really got me through the first surgery in a BIG way. My recovery in July was quite smooth and REVIVE was the ONLY thing to relieve the discomfort around my incision, through the first 10 days or so. I was not really in pain; the oils helped that little patch of skin that wanted fresh air and was completely tender and irritated under any clothing.  A prescription pain killer would not have done anything, the oils sped my recovery and put me back on my feet. It is my hope that the next surgery will be similar, with a surprisingly short recovery time. Thanks!
~ Beth M.

8-6-2006 GREAT, almost magical / miraculous results! My hysterectomy surgery incision wouldn’t heal for weeks & got reinfected. After only 3 days of using REVIVE, it finally closed and healed beautifully. Plus every time I got dressed and undressed, the fragrance smelled wonderful.
~ Sunita B.

*   *   *
Label for STAPH-Rx™ anti-infectious essential oils blendStaphRx™ was created in response to a dear friend’s nearly fatal bout with an internal staph infection that attacked her spinal vertebrae, summer of 2005. Because of the frightening nature of such infections and the serious, sometimes devastating, dangers of permanent major organ & bone damage, one is inclined to rely wholly on established medical protocols. Unfortunately, these protocols include pic-line infusions of caustic antibiotics, which have documented side effects of causing long-term asthma & reactive hyper-sensitivity to air-borne allergens. (Read more on this issue. Here’s info on health consequences of  early anti-biotic overuse dangers for children. )

StaphRx (2.3ml bottle of 100% undiluted therapeutic essential oils) For Bolstering the Immune System in healing from surface & internal STAPH infections.
| FREE Shipping

A powerful blend of citrus & Mediterranean herb essential oils used to support the immune system against internal infections with topical applications to hands & feet (palms & soles) or by oral ingestion. Please follow guidelines of a trained aromatherapist.

*   *   *
Bottle of SureHEAL™ essential oil blend for surgery incisions and woundsSureHeal™ was developed  for an older friend in her late 70’s facing knee replacement surgery, summer of 2003. Essential oils used in dilution are best for elderly folks. Jo loved using the oils even though she has a very limited sense of smell.

SureHEAL (15ml bottle) For speeding recovery of SURGICAL INCISIONS, WOUNDS, reducing SCAR TISSUE | FREE Shipping

This is a sophisticated blend of 8 herb & tree EOs, prepared as a 14% dilution in organic jojoba oil

*   *   *
We’ve formulated many custom blends for other health issues. Read about and purchase ones you need at Gaia’s Pharmacopeia. If you are interested in learning about essential oils & blends, read more on ‘Buy The Best Essential Oils.’

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10 thoughts on “Part 2) Therapeutic-Quality Essential Oils Aid Healing & Preventing Infection in Wounds or Surgical Incisions”

  1. BACK-UP Blend — I was starting a new job and pulled a muscle in my right forearm. I was in so much pain. My search for help led me to Cynthe and over the phone she was able to help me and within a few hours I was on my way to pick up my special blends. My injury should have taken at least 6 weeks to heal and with 2 weeks I was totally injury free. I was able to start my new job without worry.

  2. Catherine ~ Wonderful news, hearing you healed SO quickly! Aren’t these therapeutic essential oils AMAZING? Wish everyone knew about them….and would feel empowered to care for themselves. Thanks for sharing your healing testimonial. Hope to chat with you soon to continue our fascinating conversation….

  3. Its really a very helpful blog and we were doing distillation of essential oils since ages but we were really not aware these high usefulness of beautiful essential oils.



  4. Hi Cynthe, I recently exprerienced heat damage by ceramic flat iron and I was wondering if there were any oils that could cure my condition? Thank you

  5. I will be going into surgery on 16 June 2012 for a bi-lateral mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction using abdominal fat, so I was wondering if your Revive would be a good oil to purchase and in what quantities. I live in Australia, so please include international posting. Please reply at your earliest convenience, Regards Karyn

    • Karyn ~ Revive™ should work well for you. Suggest you order a larger 5ml bottle since the surgery will affect both your chest and your abdomen. You may dilute the 100% pure essential oil blend with organic Jojoba oil (1 drop Revive™ w/3-5 drops Jojoba….can you get Jojoba oil in Australia?) / OR you may add a few drops of Revive™ to a small dollop of organic virgin coconut oil and rub it around the surgical incisions and into your skin. Treating yourself daily, am/pm or as needed, will speed your healing and prevent infection.

      COSTS: $40-$45 US approx. (Will figure the exact price for the larger formula if you place an order) +$16.95 US for International Priority Mail + $3 US Handling….$60-$65 US total. If you are interested in proceeding with the order, please email me: Cynthe@GaiasPharmacopeia.com with your full name, phone number, billing and shipping address and I will prepare a PayPal invoice for you.

      Thanks for your interest in our healing essential oil blends. ~ Cynthe

  6. I am having hemorrhoid removal this Friday. I was looking for the morphine bomb.
    I am curious what u would recommend for the pain and healing of this delicate area.
    Thank you for your help


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