Arborea™ Woodsy Personal Fragrance Oil for Men and Women

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1.8ml Sampler, PM-AR5 – 5ml Roller Bottle, *Garden Delights" Trio OPTION


Arborea™ GA* Natural Personal Fragrance Oil for Men & Women, 1.8ml Sampler

Discover JOY! Delight in what has inspired women & men to wear natural aromatics for thousands of years. Return to nature’s authentic aromas captured in our pure botanical fragrance oils.

A decade ago, at the request of several men and women enjoying our all natural fragrance oils at a local crafts fair, we began a line of unisex oil perfumes: Arborea, Bay Spice, and Lavendere. Some folks prefer woodsy or ‘green’ fougere herbal aromas rather than flowery scents.

~ 2012 INTRODUCTION, Arborea™  Sweet, warm & green, a scent with global appeal: Woods from south of the equator with hints of Citrus, Herbs and Spice, softened with Orange Blossom. This unisex fragrance may be used as a personal perfume by carrying the bottle in your pocket or bag to sniff as you wish, dab in your hair, beard, or on your wrists, neck, chest.

GA* Unisex Personal Fragrance Oils for MEN & WOMEN
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Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum aromatic and therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive, effective, and powerful. A little goes a long way. Our all natural oil fragrances are pure botanical essences infused in organic golden Jojoba, a luxurious skin emollient. Handcrafted in small batches by Cynthe, all our fragrances are free of animal products, synthetic chemicals, or alcohol.

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We also create Custom BeSpoke Fragrance Oils. If you’ve been desiring a totally unique scent, call or jot us an email about your dream fragrance.

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GA*Natural Personal Fragrance Oils wear close to your skin, lasting 1-4 hours before the botanical ingredients evaporate or are absorbed by your skin. We recommend reapplying natural fragrances often to refresh your aromatic experience & delight your senses.

More subtle then commercial brands, natural perfumes are free of artificial aromatic extenders…a joy for folks with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals. You’ll never find our fragrance oils cloying.

No. GA*Natural Personal Fragrance Oils and Perfumes are free of synthetic chemicals, artificial aromatic extenders, and alcohol…a joy for folks with allergies or sensitivities to petrochemicals. You’ll never experience our fragrance oils as cloying.

Wearing close to your skin and much more subtle then commercial brands, GA*Natural Personal Fragrance Oils and Perfumes are for your enjoyment and others who may be sharing a hug or sitting close to you. Natural perfumes / Essential Oil Fragrances will not ‘announce’ your arrival before you enter a space and linger for hours afterwards.

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Arborea™ Woodsy Personal Fragrance Oil for Men and Women

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