Pancreas and Liver Support (Formula 2) – 5ml

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NEW! Pancreas and Liver Support (Formula 2*), 5ml bottle ~ All purchases include an email with PDF about the essential oil blend(s) you’ve selected with usage suggestions.

: This Pancreas and Liver Support (Formula 2) essential oil blend was developed by the French medical aromatherapist, Dominque Baudoux, in clinical practice. It is an undiluted blend of four 100% pure, therapeutic herbal essential oils including: VETIVER, very costly MELISSA (Lemon Balm), GERANIUM, and ROSEMARY. It boosts and supports healthy PANCREAS and LIVER function, when ingested daily per his suggestions, which you may find listed under the USAGE Tab.

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This formula created by Monsieur Baudoux is to be ingested daily (ie. taken internally).

For Pancreas and Liver Support:

Take three (3) drops of this herbal oil blend daily by mouth, in the morning and evening for 3-4 weeks, diluted in one of the following:
• in a little honey
• vegetable oil
• yogurt

*NOTE: We will also be offering Mon. Baudoux’s Formula 1 blend for those who may want an option.


For ACUTE Health crises use 100% undiluted essential oils.
Diluted Essential oil blends (5%-20%) are often MORE EFFECTIVE for treating:
* CHRONIC Health Issues
* IMMUNE-Compromised Individuals
SOURCE: ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program.

NOTES: Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive (but have minimal negative side effects compared to conventional, toxifying pharmaceuticals). They’re very effective and powerful. A little goes a long way.
CAUTION: *Keep bottles out of reach of children & pets.*

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Pancreas and Liver Support (Formula 2) – 5ml

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