SpurRx™ Essential Oils for Heel Spurs – 5ml, 15ml

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NEW! 2021 INTRODUCTION: We are always researching information on how to enable our customers to care for ailments with natural remedies.

Relieve Bone Spur Pain on Heels, Fingers, Joints and Spine

I recently came across this essential oils for heel spurs formula by French medical aromatherapist, D. Baudoux (which we’ve named SpurRx™). He comments that his essential oils formulation will offer ‘significant improvement’  for hypercalcification, ie. Heel Spurs and Bone Spurs on Joints and the Spine, within 2-3 months of twice daily applications.

Three powerfully therapeutic essential oils: LITSEA CUBEBA, ROSEMARY & WINTERGREEN with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving attributes are blended at a 50% strength in St. John’s Wort infused Olive Oil to support well being by helping the body heal naturally.

CONTRAINDICATIONS due to the essential oils in the formula, SpurRx™ should NOT be used by:

  • pregnant or nursing women
  • infants / young children
  • folks with neurological conditions such as epilepsy
  • people taking blood thinners
  • individuals who are allergic to salicylates (medications like aspirin)


Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
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5ml, 15ml


Put several drops in the palm of your hand. Stir counter-clockwise 3 times with your fingers to energize the oils. Then apply per suggestions. Leave on, let absorb into skin. The essential oils and luxurious jojoba carrier will absorb completely after a minute or two without any oily residue.


“A bone spur forms as the body tries to repair itself by building extra bone. It generally forms in response to pressure, rubbing, or stress that continues over a long period of time.” It’s important to remove / change whatever has been irritating the area to cause the bone spurs. Bone growths take awhile to develop and as a consequence take time to heal and correct themselves.

For BONE SPURS*: A few drops of the blend may be rubbed into the skin where the bone spur exists. Apply blend twice to several times a day as needed until improvement is noticed. This may take a month, to several months or as long as a year of daily usage.

For STENOSIS and OESTEOPHYTE Ailments*: Apply blend twice to several times a day around the problem area, as needed, until the bone growths have reduced and pain / sensitivity is lessened or gone. Be patient and consistent in your applications. These issues don’t occur overnight and the bones will take time to heal as well.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


For ACUTE Health crises use 100% undiluted essential oils.
Diluted Essential oil blends (5%-20%) are often MORE EFFECTIVE for treating:
* CHRONIC Health Issues
* IMMUNE-Compromised Individuals
SOURCE: ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program.

NOTES: Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive (but have minimal negative side effects compared to conventional, toxifying pharmaceuticals). They’re very effective and powerful. A little goes a long way.
CAUTION: *Keep bottles out of reach of children & pets.*

Customer Comments

Here are a few testimonials from people who’ve used anti-inflammatory essential oils to heal bones spurs:

SpurRx™ has eliminated the bone spur on left heel. It’s not there anymore. It was pain with every step, but the pain faded and then it was gone. There are painful reminders sometimes, that it still needs attention or it will return. And I do want to order more.

Once well, I will focus on exercising feet, walking more. I really haven’t walked except to make meals. Though in December, we were about 1/4 mile from the beach and walked there and back. That would sometimes make it hurt. But I would apply SpurRx and it would not continue to hurt. I can feel some pressure there and when I am better I intend to keep going with it, just less often.
~ Mella D.

Yes. Cynthe, SpurRx™ has arrived and I am faithfully using it with some good results…You are a wonderful resource and a rare, compassionate healer. Your site is a treasure chest. So glad to have found you.
Hugs and Thank You,
~ Mella D.

Rub [the anti-inflammatory essential oil] blend on the location as often as you can think of it. There is not [a] protocol for how long it may take [to heal a bone spur]: 30-60-90 days in some cases. Some results are seen quickly, even immediately upon first application. Some take more time [even up to a year]. The best thing to know is it works!  Be patient…for all bodies are different and they all have their own schedule for healing.
Be well
~ FS

* * *
[The anti-inflammatory essential oil blend] on my heel worked beautifully to get rid of my bone spur…I rubbed [the anti-inflammatory blend] on the heel. Within a week the pain was gone and a month later, the xray showed the bone spur was gone.

* * *
Another essential oils testimonial from a close friend discusses how her mother dissolved a bone spur:
“My mom called and said that she had suffered from a bone spur on her foot since April. She used [anti-inflammatory essential] oil blend combined with Wintergreen (for pain). She applies it right on the painful area. The spur has been dissolving ever since and was almost gone (in October…bone changes take months) when I spoke with her.”
~ Jane P.

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SpurRx™ Essential Oils for Heel Spurs – 5ml, 15ml

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