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Pure Organic Essential Oils: Holistic Remedies for the 21st Century

These essences from plants’ flowers, leaves, roots & bark are nature’s offering of well-being ~ both for the plants & for those who use essential oils for culinary and health benefits.
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REVERED FOR 5000 YEARS, essential oils are life-enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, lending their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit. Anti-infectious therapeutic essential oils may be either calming and soothing OR stimulating. These essences from plants’ flowers, leaves, roots & bark are nature’s offering of well-being ~ both for the plants & for those who use essential oils for culinary and health benefits.

The Chinese were likely the first culture to study and create applications using aromatic plants for health and well-being. The oldest known medical book was written by the Chinese author Shen Nong in 2,700 BC describing cures using aromatic herbs.

In Egypt fragrant oils were used for bathing, massage and embalming. The invention of an extraction still for cedarwood oil is credited to the Egyptians. Many cultural traditions burned fragrant incense scented with herbs and oils to create an uplifting, calming atmosphere for religious ceremonies and spiritual communion.

al-razlin a persian physician treating a patient with essential oilsAl-Razi (854-925) wrote a medical encyclopedia “Al Kitab al Hawi” in Persia and invented various tools that continued to be used in pharmacies up to the 20th century!

Another famous Persian scholar Avicenna (also known as Ibn Sina, 980-1037), wrote 40 medical books, the most famous of which was his 5-book “Canon of Medicine,” the definitive medical textbook for the following 700 years.

Ibn Sena drew from various European and Asian sources such as the Chinese medicine “Zhubing Yuanhuo Lun” for its extensive pathology text, written circa 610 by Chao Yuan-Fang. Ibn-Sina also referred to the early classic Chinese text ‘Maijing’ by Wang Shu-hu on pulse diagnosis, written circa 310.

The Saxon “Leech Book of Bald” written in the 10th century describes medicinal properties of 500 different plants with “a conscious effort to transfer to Anglo-Saxon practice…[the] most useful in native and Mediterranean medicine,” finally giving birth to the European pharmaceutical industry by the 13th century.

fresh oranges with orange essential oil | Copyright © Cynthe BrushPure Organic Essential Oils ~ Holistic Remedies for Our Modern Lifestyles

In the past two decades, 100% pure therapeutic-quality essential oils have re-emerged as holistic remedies for the stressful effects of our 21st century lifestyles. Superior to many conventional medications & supplements, therapeutic-grade essential oils deliver positive – often profound – benefits whether through inhalation, direct skin application, or by internal consumption without negative side-effects. They also purify our bodies & environment with oxygen-rich compounds, effectively neutralizing harmful microbes.


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3 thoughts on “Pure Organic Essential Oils: Holistic Remedies for the 21st Century”

  1. I have a lot of pain down one side in particular right arm and leg dominate> ankle broke 3 bones compound fracture with metal rod and pins. I read about German chamomile and another oil blend.
    Today the term fibromyalgia comes to mind but, it is also nerve damage pain.

    • Laura ~ Glad you’ve found our website. I have purchased German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita…there are several plants called German Chamomile so you have to look for the latin nomenclature) from three different sources: Nature’s Gift, Original Swiss Aromatics and Young Living Essential Oils. They all are high quality and work well. Be careful not to stain your clothing or surfaces with the dark indigo blue oil when using it!

      Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is excellent for assisting with nerve damage repair. You have a choice of purchasing it from two of those same companies: Nature’s Gift or Young Living Essential Oils.

      Peppermint essential oil is also helpful. You may check those companies’ sites for their offerings. Let us know if you find the oils help relieve your discomfort.


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