"Helped soothe the pain and relax my muscles, tendons/ligaments"


“Yes, I do think the EOs did help me. Although in my case it was pretty severe pain, so the EO alone wasn’t enough…I actually had to stop my running regiment and am hoping to ease back into it again. Having said that, the EO seemed to help soothe the pain and help relax my muscles, tendons/ligaments, which without doubt helped me recover.  Not to mention I love the way that stuff smells!  Just the scent alone made me want to ‘relax’… Very nice! Thanks very  much for your help Cynthe!”

~ Steve M.

Cynthe Brush

Certified Clinical (Medical) Aromatherapist
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Therapeutic Essential Oils Practitioner & Self-Care Health Educator has used essential oils for personal, family, & client health issues since 1999.

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