"within 2 weeks I was totally injury free"


I was starting a new job and pulled a muscle in my right forearm. I was in so much pain. My search for help led me to Cynthe and over the phone she was able to help me and within a few hours I was on my way to pick up my special blends. My injury should have taken at least 6 weeks to heal and within 2 weeks I was totally injury free. I was able to start my new job without worry.

~ Catherine H.

Cynthe Brush

Certified Clinical (Medical) Aromatherapist
Creating Custom Blends Since 1999

Therapeutic Essential Oils Practitioner & Self-Care Health Educator has used essential oils for personal, family, & client health issues since 1999.

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Gaia’s Pharmacopeia Buy Healing Essential Oils Blends / 100% Natural Botanical Perfumes:
Effective essential oil blends for Athletic Injuries; Sprains – Broken Bones; Wounds & Surgeries; Backaches; Headaches; Dizziness; Herpes Simplex; Stress and more.