"it is so much better"


Fom an email to my customer-friend:
 “Bill told me your foot’s BETTER! And that you were able to…as he put it ‘walk all over Mexico’ without problems. Just the news we like to hear for sure!”

Colette T. ~ “It is not completely healed, but much better. MD said it could take 6 months to heal, but it is so much better.”

Colette’s Morton’s Neuroma:
~ How long did you have the uncomfortable symptoms?
“This foot problem became very noticeable to me in July 2009. However in February I purchased a pair of shoes while on a trip that were larger than usual and maybe at that time my foot was a bother and not producing so much pain.

~ What your MD had said about the probable healing process?
“He did not state there was going to be a complete healing. He stated that I needed more arch support. Through email discussion he stated that it could take 6 months or more for the Achilles tendon to heal.


~ How did you apply the Copaiba+Peppermint EO blend?
 And how often?

“Received the EO Blend just prior to a vacation to Mexico. Applied once in the AM and sometimes once in the PM. I was able to walk and enjoy my shopping and hiking throughout my eleven day trip. I also have been wearing BMT shoes that have given me much comfort.


~ How quickly you noticed an improvement?

“Along with the EO blend and the shoes, I have been noticing small incremental healing changes.”

~ And how significant an improvement has been compared to before?
I have not been taking time to massage or soak my foot that was helping prior to purchasing the shoes…with all of my efforts the foot is healing…on a 1 to 10 basis (10 being highest pain), I am now at about a 2 in discomfort. Today I am wearing my street shoes with some dress clothes at work. By the end of the day I will be able to evaluate the pain not having the support that I have been used to.”

~ Colette T.

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