"After 5 days...I stopped, because my knee wasn’t bothering me anymore."


“Yesterday I had to go to the office for work and meetings all day… first time since surgery 4 weeks and 2 days ago…  Today I’m suffering from serious swelling for the first time since I started physical therapy 8 days ago. 8 days ago I also started SureHEAL™ and KneEASE™.

One of my incisions can’t seem to close itself completely, but the bigger of the two has been closed, scab free for days! My physical therapist commented yesterday morning about how well it healed up, closed and is fading back into my foot really quickly.  I told him I’ve been using the oils twice daily. He was pretty impressed.

I’m monitoring the other one closely. Unfortunately my dog tripped over me earlier this week and re-opened a part of it.  So it’s been a little more painful.

Last week I started using KneEASE™, it’s not my favorite smelling blend, but after 5 days of using it 2x per day I stopped, because my knee wasn’t bothering me anymore. I should have just kept it up though. Yesterday was a tough one on my knee too.  I started up the use of KneEASE™ again yesterday, hoping it wil help through the weekend.”

~ Kellie F.

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