"StaphRx™ oil is working like a charm. Wonderful. Thanks again! "


Thank you so much for your help today! I was out running errands and the whole boil just burst open. A few white heads turned into a fairly decent hole. It’s basically flat now. I feel so much better. When I got back, I made made a little jar of clove & castor oil. Cant wait to receive the Staph-Rx™ oil!

Cynthe’s reply:
Well that’s good! The clove-castor oil solution & the StaphRx will get rid of the infection to speed healing. Add some lavender EO (5dps to every 1dp of clove EO) to minimize scarring. Use undiluted lavender EO once the oozing has stopped, 2x day! Keep me posted on how you’re doing.

Thank you! It’s healing very quickly. Mostly flat. Still oozing, slightly but it’s mostly blood now. Lavender makes perfect sense. I’ll put it in my mixture now.

Staph-Rx™ oil is working like a charm. Wonderful. Thanks again!

~ Jessica C.

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