"His ankle healed excellently [from a broken fibula and torn ligaments]."


“My son broke his fibula and tore ligaments in his high school football game. I will tell you that his ankle healed excellently. His range of motion is good and [there’s] no palpable pain. Muscular weakness is the only issue we are dealing with now. He has two pins to be removed on the 15th. After that he can begin a serious strength building regime.

He went through two bottles of Bonz™. Two weeks after his last orthopedic visit, he participated in a track meet at Taft High. He ran the 100 and 200 meter dash and won both. Now I feel a combination of youth/genetics/massage therapy/Bonz™/nutritional supplements ~ all contributed to his fast recovery.

6-15-2009 Now he is participating in spring football and is dealing with the aches and pains that go with it. If he has any joint pain, I include Bonz™ in the recovery therapy. Thanks for checking in.”

Anthony N. (California)

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