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PARADIS™ ~ Healing Essential Oil Perfume made with pure natural aromatics

Created in a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy workshop I was participating in, studying for my CCA degree, coordinating in our locale.
Paradis ~ a light floral fragrance bouquet with citrus and subtle nuances.

PARADIS™ ~ Four Perfume ‘Divas’ in a Delicate Floral Bouquet

DAMASK ROSE, NEROLI, ROSE GERANIUM, and YLANG YLANG meld in fragrant harmony with citrus and other subtle nuances. Made with all natural aromatics using pure therapeutic-quality essential oils in organic jojoba. No animal products, synthetic chemicals, or alcohol.

PARADIS, Available in a 1.8ml tester bottle, $12 +S/H // 5ml Roll-On Bottle by Special Order.
You may purchase natural perfumes from our GAIA’s PHARMACOPEIA Shoppe. VISA / MC / PAYPAL are accepted. To inquire about shipping costs to other countries: Contact Cynthe.

Cynthe’s Natural Perfume #3

FEBRUARY 2007 ~ PARADIS™ was created in a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy workshop I was participating in, studying for my CCA degree, coordinating in our locale. We were learning to create custom blends to address specific health issues for fellow students.

An important key to creating a wonderful blend is that it must smell NICE to the person you’re creating it for! I tend towards exuberance and enthusiasm, reflected in this blend of 8 essential oils. Six of the eight precious aromatic botanical essences are perfumery divas (generally only 1-2 ‘divas’ would be featured in an individual blend).  Later in the same workshop, the aromatherapy students were advised to blend only 3-4 aromatics at a time…

Happily, PARADIS™ is delightful! Beginners’ luck, perhaps? Or pure inspiration from the fragrance angels…

The health issues PARADIS™ was designed to aid are:

1) EMOTIONAL BALANCE: The aromas blended in Paradis™ are encouraging, uplifting, restoring, boost confidence, diffuse anger, and enhance spiritual feelings.

2) STRESS, HEART & CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT: The essential oils in Paradis™ are relaxing and anti-inflammatory, several ingredients help regulate heart rhythm (and may be used for palpitations & tachycardia), as well as strengthening overall well-being.

3) Other ingredients assist with BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE, making Paradis™ a lovely perfume for those dealing with hypoglycemia or diabetes. And it’s supportive for the digestive system.

Botanical illustration by Franz
Botanical illustration by Franz Eugen Köhler (1897)

BERGAMOT, one of the citrus elements, “is used in perfumery for its ability to combine with an array of scents to form a bouquet of aromas which complement each other. Bergamot was a component of the original Eau de Cologne developed by Italian perfumers in 17th century Germany. Approximately one third of all men’s and about half of women’s perfumes contain bergamot essential oil.
(Source:  Wikipedia)

BERGAMOT has versatile therapeutic aromatherapy benefits

For EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING ~ Bergamot may be used to treat depression. And as a relaxant – it helps reduce stress.

ADDICTIONS ~ Inhaling it also helps counter urges and addictions and may be helpful for folks stopping smoking.

For general HEALTH ~ Bergamot strengthens the immune system. May also be used to treat fevers, as a disinfectant, antiseptic, antibiotic. It’s a mild digestive aid,  soothing minor stomach ailments. Diluted, it may be used as a mouthwash for halitosis, it’s antibacterial and antibiotic properties may be used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and varicose veins.

AROMATICALLY ~ Bergamot helps clear stuffy sinuses, nasal passages, and colds. Like citronella, BERGAMOT is a natural insect repellent.

*   *   *   *
THE FOUR FLORALS offer these therapeutic effects:

Orange blossoms
Neroli essential oil is produced from orange blossoms

~ Neroli ‘Orange Blossom’ (Citrus aurantium bigaradia) was used in ancient Egypt for its ability to heal body, mind, and spirit bringing one’s focus into the present moment. It’s beautiful fragrance appeals to brides and has traditionally symbolized purity and beauty.

A natural tranquilizer with tonic effects, Orange blossom essential oil is calming to body and spirit. Neroli may be used to treat anxiety, fear, shock, insomnia, PMS, and depression, balancing emotions, relieving hopelessness. It also has excellent effects on the heart helping to regulate heart rhythm (palpitations & tachycardia), and strengthen overall well-being.

Neroli is been used as a confectionery flavoring and is beneficial to the digestive system soothing spasms, colic, & indigestion, easing gas, fighting infections, viruses, and parasites.

Neroli stimulates new cell growth making it a wonderful skin care ingredient for sensitive and mature skin, useful for healing infections, stretch marks, thread veins, wrinkles, and scars.

~ Damask Rose Rose Otto’ (Rosa damacena) one of the most beloved fragrances world-wide, is esteemed in many cultures, appealing to both men & women, and considered a ‘holy oil’ in Islamic countries. Rose essential oil is balancing to the hormones of both women and men and may be used for infertility issues, menopausal symptom relief, hormonal migraines or stress headaches, and more.

Rose essential oil a nerve & emotional tonic, is excellent for reliving stress, counteracting depression and negativity with happiness, contentment, acceptance, patience, security, and loving feelings.

Rose is also a traditional beauty & skin care treatment for wrinkles & scars.

Rose Geranium essential oil is produced from the plant's leaves, not the violet flowers
Rose Geranium essential oil is produced from the plant’s leaves, not the violet flowers

~ Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is a well-loved fragrance used for cosmetics;  food, tea & alcohol flavorings, perfumery, and holistic healing…especially for emotional balance / stress, skin care, and women’s endocrine system issues. Read more…

Ylang Ylang blossoms

~ Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata) the flower of the Cherimoya ‘Custard Apple’ fruit tree has an intoxicating exotic fragrance made famous by Coco Chanel, in her classic perfume, Chanel No.5. Ylang Ylang’s s primary benefit is a calming effect on the heart, regulating heart rhythm, lowering blood pressure, and supporting the cardiovascular system (anti-inflammatory & vasodilating).

Ylang ylang is relaxing (anti-spasmodic), relieves anxiety, reduces anger, clarifies focus, increases confidence, joy, enthusiasm, & peacefulness. It also helps balance blood sugars, eases intestinal problems (anti-parasitic), and may help with hair loss related to hormonal imbalances and/or stress.

The remaining aromatics are detoxifying and decongesting for the kidney, liver, lymphatic, and vascular systems / are metabolic & digestive stimulants that aid diabetes, weight-loss, dissolve fat, reduce cellulite and edema / support the lungs and respiratory system, easing coughs, infections, sinusitis / have anti-depressant, balancing, strengthening effects stimulating self esteem & confidence, joy, optimism, easing nervous exhaustion / are mental stimulants for memory, imagination, and creativity and may be helpful for Alzheimer’s disease / may be used in skin care for wrinkles, acne, cuts, rashes, infections, herpes, and wounds / have relaxing and sedative qualities / contain anti-inflammatory analgesic properties that may be helpful with arthritis.

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BERGAMOT: Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen, 1897

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