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Our clients and on-line store customers share essential oils reviews and their healing stories. Learn how nature’s amazing essences support health & well-being!

AchillesHEAL™ Essential Oils Reviews

“Yes, I do think the [AchillesHEAL] essential oils did help me. Although in my case it was pretty severe pain, so the EO alone wasn’t enough…. I actually had to stop my running [regime] and am hoping to ease back into it again…  Having said that the essential oils seemed to help soothe the pain and help relax my muscles, tendons/ligaments, which without doubt helped me recover.  Not to mention, I love the way that stuff smells!  Just the scent alone made me want to ‘relax’…  Very nice! Thanks very  much for your help Cynthe!”
~ Steve M.

Angels’ Touch™ Essential Oils Reviews

My recovery in July was quite smooth…

Here is what I did:
Put Angels’ Touch into the lamp, and on my skin in the first few days.  I did not open the surgical bra much.  After a week, when I the stitches were out, and even more when the tape came off, I put Revive on the scar in the mornings and at bedtime. I continue to use Revive occasionally, if there is any irritation in my breast, although I know this scar will go away in the next surgery. When that happens, I want to have more Revive and Angels’ Touch.
~ Beth M.

BackUP™ Essential Oils Reviews

Hi there! I love the oils! I had my husband rub some on my back. It was within 60 seconds I could feel a difference. It felt like my muscles knew they were being taken care of. Thank you so much!
~ Barbara L.

Cynthe comments: Really happy to hear your back muscles like this ‘Back-Up’ blend as much as mine do. It’s my latest “fav” blend for aches & pains. Kind of amazed at how quickly it soothes the pain.

Gave my massage therapist one of those teeny bottles to give BackUP a try. Thought it might be a great one for her clientele. Turns out she had a chronic ache in her left forearm. Applied a few drops and felt the pain diminish within “seconds!” Paid me for the blend on the spot. So cool. LOVE helping people heal themselves.

BackUP BlendI was starting a new job and pulled a muscle in my right forearm. I was in so much pain. My search for help led me to Cynthe …over the phone she was able to help me and within a few hours I was on my way to pick up my special blends. My injury should have taken at least 6 weeks to heal and with 2 weeks I was totally injury free. I was able to start my new job without worry.
~ Catherine H.

BONZ™ Essential Oils Reviews

Have to tell you that my ankle is literally almost back to normal size overnight. I don’t know if it’s from the oils or the deep memory I did last night, which was about someone intentionally breaking that same ankle when I was 5 and a part splitting off to heal itself,  which was still there holding the same awareness of healing…I released her back into my core. Anyways, I’m grateful for both.
~ Judy D.

Kurt has been back to golfing since early October!  I’m not sure the BONZ had anything to do with the healing, however, since I could only get him to sit still 3 times for application, while he was in the early stages of healing.  What do you think?
~ Camilla N.

Thank you so much for following up with my purchase. My knee is much MUCH better, and your oil had a lot to do with it. Also yoga, and massaging it has helped a lot. What I have is scar tissue.
~ Nathalie P.

Everybody is doing just good. The oils have worked!  My mother has healed very well and fast from her knee, she is walking by herself. My father also has diminished. I haven’t had any news about my aunt. I’m going to ask her. Thank you so much for creating this oil.
~ Irka M.

My mother is recovering greatly. With oils is not in pain, the scar is beautiful, and is walking…switching between the walker and the cane. Later, I’ll fill you in with my aunt’s commentaries. I have not spoke to her. They are both back in the Dominican Republic.

I recommended BONZ to a friend of my daughter. She has a knee problem. She was here in Christmas, I applied PanAway. Today she called me to talk about it and I introduced her to BONZ. She’ll be contacting you.
~ Irka M.

My son broke his fibula and tore ligaments in his high school football game. I will tell you that his ankle healed excellently. His range of motion is good and [there’s] no palpable pain. Muscular weakness is the only issue we are dealing with now. He has two pins to be removed on the 15th. After that he can begin a serious strength building regime. Thanks again.
~ Anthony N.

I luv the smell of this blend
~ Caldine (Canada)

Fractured my ankle 1-1/2wks ago….I’d like to start using your oil ASAP. I’m so looking forward to using it [BONZ], so I can get this ankle healed sooner.

~ Caldine (Canada)

Put BONZ on it daily since I received it. My big [ankle surgery] incision…been closed, scab free for days! My physical therapist commented yesterday morning about how well it healed up, closed, and is fading back into my foot really quickly.  I told him I’ve been using the oils [on the incision] twice daily. He was pretty impressed. He worked alongside an ankle surgeon for a couple years, so I definitely think he’s has the experience to know the healing process for ankles!
~ Kellie F.

‘Copaiba+Peppermint’ Essential Oils Reviews

~ GP: How long had you been having the uncomfortable symptoms?
Customer: “This foot problem became very noticeable to me in July 2009, however in February 2009, I purchased a pair of shoes while on a trip that were larger than usual and maybe at that time my foot was a bother and not so producing much pain.”

~ GP: What did your MD say about the probable healing process?
Customer: “He did not state there was going to be a complete healing. He stated that I needed more arch support. Through email discussion he stated that it could take 6 months or more for the Achilles tendon to heal.”

~ GP: How did you apply and how often did you use the Copaiba + Peppermint EO blend?
Customer: “Received the EO Blend just prior to a vacation to Mexico. Applied once in the AM and sometimes once in the PM. I was able to walk and enjoy my shopping and hiking throughout my eleven day trip. I also have been wearing BMT shoes that have given me much comfort.”

~ GP: How quickly did you notice an improvement?
Customer: “Along with the EO blend and the shoes I have been noticing small increment[al] healing changes.”

~ GP: How significant an improvement has it been compared to the discomfort you were experiencing before?
Customer: “I have not been taking time to massage or soak my foot that was helping prior to purchasing the shoes. Along with all of my efforts the foot is healing and on a 1 to 10 basis (10 being highest pain) I am now at about a 2 in discomfort.”
~ Colette T.

FlexR™ Essential Oils Reviews

I LOVE the FlexR! It helped my sciatica so much and also my right shoulder which got very sore at the end of the sciatica bout. (Makes sense on a Feldenkrais level) Diane tried it and loves it too. We want to buy more…!
~ Tori C.

ForSOOTHE™ Essential Oils Reviews

I used it the other day when I had a tension headache and the ForSOOTHE helped.
~ Andrew C.

Applied several drops to the back of my neck & temples for a severe caffeine-withdrawal headache. Within 5-10 minutes the headache had lessened. With a second application, my headache was gone within half an hour.
~  j.robert
Cynthe’s Comment: This same customer and friend used ForSoothe recently for a nagging headache that conventional pain meds didn’t seem to be relieving quickly. Within 15-30 minutes, he was obviously feeling more comfortable. Just to be sure, I asked him how he was feeling? He confirmed that his headache was gone.

KneEASE™ Essential Oils Reviews

“Several years ago, I tore the meniscus cartilage in my left knee. Although it has seemingly healed, I frequently experience pain. When Cynthe became aware of this, she offered to blend some essential oils specifically known to ease pain and help to heal injured areas.

The [KneEASE] combination [2.5% dilution] has a pleasant – non medicinal – fragrance. Following her instructions, I massaged several drops around the entire knee area, twice daily. The results have been most rewarding as the pain has subsided day after day.
~ Joanne S.

Lypos™ Essential Oils Reviews

“Our client called two weeks later, thrilled! The lipomas had become smaller. The painful one wasn’t sore anymore. My client had been faithfully applying our custom blend morning and evening. LOVES the relaxing aroma and is very optimistic about the outcome.”
Catherine H.

“I may be crazy, but it seems as though Les’s lump is shrinking!  I thought I noticed a slight change after two applications, but figured I was jumping the gun.  However, after 5 applications I was quite certain that there was a difference – is it even possible that it could work this quickly?  The lump is still there, and is still quite large, but if I am correct, WOW!

The other thing I am wondering – if this is, indeed, shrinking… is it fairly safe to assume that this is a Lipoma. or are these particular oils also apt to shrink other types of tumors?  I joined Young Living in 2000 or 2001 and was unfortunately too money-poor to continue… I didn’t realize until I was searching for the list of Lypos ingredients that you are actually using Young Living oils and was very happy to realize that in my haste to get something to help my hubby, I had been led to what I already knew was the best oils out there (in my estimation).”

Apr 29, 2017 
“Les also says he now sees a big difference in the lump on his neck- at some point I will send a picture of what his neck looked like a couple months ago, and will also take a picture when it is gone, or nearly so.  Unfortunately the “before” picture will not show it at its worst since it grew down to touch his throat, but I still think I have a picture that will show the obvious improvement.”
~Dale W.

“I would like to order another jar of Lypos. It’s working very well, but it was a very large lump (but now much smaller).”
~Sonia W.

7-14-17  “I ordered and received one jar of Lypos about a month ago. Please let me know how I can order an additional jar.  I am almost out, it is working and I hate to run out.”
~Toni H

REVIVE™ Essential Oils Reviews

Falcon (a Friesian HORSE)…got  his Revive applied daily for at least as month.  Honestly — you cannot even see or feel any scar now. Of course, the second surgery was closed with many, many stitches instead of a few staples, so that the edges of the incision were kept in closer contact this time BUT, the smoothness of the healing is astounding.
~ Camilla N.

If you need a testimonial, I can tell you the geranium blend, the Revive, really got me through the first surgery in a big way.  It was the only thing to relieve the discomfort around my incision.  I was not really in pain; the oils helped that little patch of skin that wanted fresh air and was completely tender and irritated under any clothing.  A prescription pain killer would not have done anything, the oils sped my recovery and put me back on my feet. Thanks!
~ Beth M.

My recovery in July was quite smooth and the Revive helped a lot when there was sensitivity on and around the incision, through the first 10 days or so.  It is my hope that the next surgery will be similar, with a surprisingly short recovery time.

Here is what I did:
After a week, when I the stitches were out and even more when the tape came off I put Revive on the scar in the mornings and at bedtime. I continue to use Revive occasionally, if there is any irritation in my breast, although I know this scar will go away in the next surgery.

The story is that the surgery in July did not have clear margins, so in October I got a mastectomy with autologous reconstruction of my right breast, meaning 9 hours under anesthesia for a tummy tuck and microsurgery that reconnects the  fat removed from my abdomen to make a new breast that doesn’t have any cancer in it.  The scars will go across one breast and from hip to hip and around my navel.

When that happens, I want to have more Revive and Angels Touch.  The initial operation left a small scar so I still have some left.  I will probably put the GYPain I have into a lamp when the going gets tough.  I prefer the Revive on my skin.  It feels like it helped speed my recovery, so, I am happy to order  more.  Maybe there is something you know to be helpful with Breast Cancer.  Every little bit helps.

Thanks again for the follow up email.  I look forward to hearing from you again.
~ Beth M.

SureHEAL™ Essential Oil Reviews

Yes, I have received the oils! Took 8 days to arrive and have been using SureHeal since! Seems to be helpful as the wound seems to be healing faster than before! Hopefully the doctor will have some positive comments too when I go back for my review end of the month. Thank you so much!
~ Jeannie C. (Singapore)

Cynthe’s Comment: As you may be aware, ligaments & tendons take a bit longer to heal then other tissues. The essential oils will help speed that process, especially the Revive™ blend. Do keep using them even after the incision is completely healed and you have range of motion, flexibility & strength back. These particular EO blends will keep scar tissue formation to a minimum. Keep me posted on your progress. I’m very interested to learn what your doctor says.

SweetBalm™ Essential Oils Reviews

[Had] a very painful, swollen wrist…[from] too much pressure exerted in an exercise. The severe burning [symptom] is associated with nerves [confirmed by my doctor as a neuroma], so Cynthe mixed [SweetBalm] essential oils designed to treat nerve pain.

Realizing the pain originated further up the arm, I applied a drop just below the inside bend of the elbow continuing with one drop midway down the forearm, and another at the point of pain on the wrist. I massaged the entire are as deeply as possible.

Besides easing the pain, a side benefit of this [SweetBalm] blend is its delightful fragrance. Deeply breathing in the wonderful aroma provides an extremely pleasant atmosphere for falling asleep.
~ Joanne S.

StandingTALL™ Essential Oils Reviews

Thank you for your recent email concerning a follow up since I have been using StandingTall.

In all fairness to you and your product a summary of my history with Menieres is necessary.  I have been dealing with this Syndrome since in my late 20s.  I dealt with it for ten years without seeking medical attention because my episodes were not often.  After a few years my annual episodes went from yearly to semi annually and eventually advanced to monthly then weekly, that is when I went to the ER and was referred to a Neurologist.  

After ruling out several medical issues, I was diagnosed with seizures and prescribed and anti-convulsant. As the episodes worsened, the medication was increased for the next five years.  After five years, my Neurologist suggested that I see an ENT who ran tests and interviewed me extensively because symptoms mimic so many other illnesses.  

After 15 years, in 2000 at the age of 43, I was finally diagnosed with Menieres and weaned off of the seizure medication.  By this time I had pressure, a horrendous noise and the hearing in my right ear was severely impaired.  The summer of 2002, vertigo no longer responding to Meclyzine, led to four injections of Gentamicin to my inner ear with negative results.  In November 2002, an endolympatic shunt was placed in my right ear.  Vertigo ceased, however I was left with terrible side effects from the injections that surfaced three weeks after surgery.  Vestibular rehabilitation was ordered to retrain my balance. Although my balance improved, I was left with the “drunken sailor” internal feeling that I live with to this very day.

In August of 2014
After 12 years of minimal vertigo, it struck again, this time with a vengeance.  Assuming because I was older, and Menieres high rate of attacking the second ear I convinced myself to hold on and go for the second round of this horrible Syndrome.  Realizing this vertigo was nothing like the vertigo of the past I researched a bit (when not dizzy and glued to the couch for hours).  This is when I was educated to the fact that there is Menieres vertigo and also BPPV. It appears that I have been blessed with both.

In December 2014
A cousin, also dealing with health issues who was researching Essential Oils, forwarded your website to me.  After reading about your Dad, I decided that I had nothing to lose so placed an order for StandingTall.  It arrived in a very timely manner.  I began  using, as instructed that very evening December 8, 2014.  For four days within 10 mins of applying, vertigo would surface reach a certain point and subside.  Determined that the oils were re-orchestrating whatever the cause of the vertigo, I did NOT give up.  I continue to apply twice daily along with the heel thumps, deep breathing and hand holds.

I am happy to report that my bouts of vertigo have disappeared.  Family has commented on how much better I am doing…and I give full credit to your oil and refer to it as my “magic potion.” Thank you for taking the time to read this…and thank you so VERY much for helping me to get my life back.  

I would highly recommend this oil to anyone who is at the beginning stages of whatever is causing dizziness vertigo or balance issues.  If not at the beginning stages, try it anyways.  Like me they may see and appreciate the slightest improvement believing that one day it will make a HUGE difference. Thanks to using this oil, I am once again “Standing” Tall! 

Have a great day!
~ RoxAnn

She has not had anything happen for a while, but they tell her that she has TMD and TMJ and this could also be causing her problems. So we are just taking each day and see what happens.
~ Mary M.

I am pleased with the product [StandingTall]…  I am doing the heel thumps and hand holds as well. Vertigo is much improved.
~ Kathy F.

Thanks for checking in. I have been using the StandingTall daily along with the heel thumps – have not been doing the hand holds. I have had absolutely NO SYMPTOMS since starting this program. Also using Flonase and Afrin nasal sprays once a day. I feel fabulous and so appreciative of all your information and supportive emails.
~ Kathy C

Yes, the oil arrived safely thank you.  I used it last week when I had a BPPV episode and was relieved and pleased that the symptoms only lasted a day instead of the usual 5/6 days. So it worked really well, and I shall certainly order it again.
~ Gillian I. (Great Britain)

TRINITY™ Essential Oils Reviews

“Oral Herpes simplex flare-ups – Can be soothed quickly with TRINITY. My long-time friend gave her sister-in-law, some TRINITY to use on-and-in her mouth for an outrageous Herpes flare-up. Her sister-in-law noticed IMMEDIATE relief! By the next morning, the swelling of her lips and mouth had subsided, the tissue tenderness was greatly reduced….and both women were convinced therapeutic essential oils are wonderful personal first-aid tools.”
~ Pam S. (told to Cynthe)
ONE drop – Did the job! The sensitivity & discomfort [from my finger] were gone immediately…as if I hadn’t been burned at all. WOW! were Susan and I amazed…and impressed at this easy DIY Rx for minor burns.

9 BLESSINGS™ Holy Chrism Reviews

I did receive your EO and I am enjoying it.  I mix it [9 Blessings] with EVOO and put in special bottles to give as gifts.  I suggest that people put some on their palms and on various points on their face (forehead, by the nostrils and then chin) before prayer.  Feedback from the receivers has been very good.

I did also order a bottle of the [other] Chrism Essence….  As expected, that fragrance is spot on, but yours is in the “same class” (I don’t know the correct words to use) as the Chrism.
~ Brian F.

I was thrilled with the [9 Blessings] scent and really do love how you made it.
~ Helene C.

“Oh my, yes, the 9 Blessings is incredible. So calming, so comforting. My kids and I love it!”
~ Taylor E.

“Andrea loved the jam and 9 Blessings.”

~ April H.

I have received it [9 Blessings] and it is very nice.
~ Connie B.

“The anointing oil arrived yesterday and I’ve already created my special blend with organic olive oil. The fragrance is outstanding and the love and prayer with which you infused the blend is so very evident. Blessings on all your endeavors and may all your actions continue to manifest in beauty.”
~ Father Jorge

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