StandingTall™ Essential Oils for Vertigo Dizziness Relief, Meniere’s Disease Treatment – 15ml

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StandingTall™ Essential Oils for Vertigo Dizziness Relief, Meniere’s Disease Treatment

One of our best-sellers, Standing Tall™ is a proprietary blend of therapeutic, anti-viral, citrus and spice essential oils that promote nerve health. Strongly anti-viral and supportive to the nervous system to help ease dizziness, reduce Meniere’s Disease symptoms (rapid eye wavering, severe dizziness, and an inability to keep one’s balance).

We have made our Gaia’s Pharmacopeia essential oil blends even easier to use by re-formulating our 100% blends (3ml bottles) in therapeutic 10%-50% ratios for our customers’ convenience.

Our Standing Tall™ vertigo treatment is now sold in a 15ml bottle (5x volume) pre-diluted to 20%* rather than the small 3ml bottle of 100% (undiluted) essential oils. This 20% strength can be diluted further to 5%-10% by adding 1-3 drops of organic jojoba oil with each application and still be effective.

~ All purchases include an info sheet OR email about essential oils in the blend you’ve selected along with usage suggestions.

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• READ more about pure essential oils’ therapeutic properties used in formulating our healing essential oil blends & all natural personal fragrances.
• LEARN about the benefits of Jojoba as a carrier oil.


Put several drops in the palm of your hand. Stir counter-clockwise 3 times with your fingers to energize the oils. Then apply per suggestions. Leave on, let absorb into skin. The essential oils and luxurious jojoba carrier will absorb completely after a minute or two without any oily residue.

~ Apply daily upon arising & at bedtime, 1-2 drops to pads of big TOES / THUMBS / BASE of SKULL (brainstem).
~ For symptomatic relief – Inhale deeply for 1-2 minutes, apply 1-3 drops on TEMPLES / BASE of SKULL

CAUTION: Best used on the finger tips & toe pads with inhalation for daytime AND at night on temples / back of neck before sleep, as the high proportion of citrus oils are photo-sensitizing and may cause sunburn on exposed skin (neck / temples).


For ACUTE Health crises use 100% undiluted essential oils.
Diluted Essential oil blends (5%-20%) are often MORE EFFECTIVE for treating:
* CHRONIC Health Issues
* IMMUNE-Compromised Individuals
SOURCE: ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program.

NOTES: Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive (but have minimal negative side effects compared to conventional, toxifying pharmaceuticals). They’re very effective and powerful. A little goes a long way.
CAUTION: *Keep bottles out of reach of children & pets.*

• VISIT our Essential Oils For Healing blog!
• READ more about pure essential oils’ therapeutic properties used in formulating our healing essential oil blends & natural perfumes.
• LEARN about the benefits of Jojoba as a carrier oil.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say:

Thank you for your recent email concerning a follow up since I have been using StandingTall.

In all fairness to you and your product a summary of my history with Menieres is necessary.  I have been dealing with this Syndrome since in my late 20s.  I dealt with it for ten years without seeking medical attention because my episodes were not often.  After a few years my annual episodes went from yearly to semi annually and eventually advanced to monthly then weekly, that is when I went to the ER and was referred to a Neurologist.  

After ruling out several medical issues, I was diagnosed with seizures and prescribed and anti-convulsant. As the episodes worsened, the medication was increased for the next five years.  After five years, my Neurologist suggested that I see an ENT who ran tests and interviewed me extensively because symptoms mimic so many other illnesses.  

After 15 years, in 2000 at the age of 43, I was finally diagnosed with Menieres and weaned off of the seizure medication.  By this time I had pressure, a horrendous noise and the hearing in my right ear was severely impaired.  The summer of 2002, vertigo no longer responding to Meclyzine, led to four injections of Gentamicin to my inner ear with negative results.  In November 2002, an endolympatic shunt was placed in my right ear.  Vertigo ceased, however I was left with terrible side effects from the injections that surfaced three weeks after surgery.  Vestibular rehabilitation was ordered to retrain my balance. Although my balance improved, I was left with the “drunken sailor” internal feeling that I live with to this very day.

In August of 2014
After 12 years of minimal vertigo, it struck again, this time with a vengeance.  Assuming because I was older, and Menieres high rate of attacking the second ear I convinced myself to hold on and go for the second round of this horrible Syndrome.  Realizing this vertigo was nothing like the vertigo of the past I researched a bit (when not dizzy and glued to the couch for hours).  This is when I was educated to the fact that there is Menieres vertigo and also BPPV. It appears that I have been blessed with both.

In December 2014
A cousin, also dealing with health issues who was researching Essential Oils, forwarded your website to me.  After reading about your Dad, I decided that I had nothing to lose so placed an order for StandingTall.  It arrived in a very timely manner.  I began  using, as instructed that very evening December 8, 2014.  For four days within 10 mins of applying, vertigo would surface reach a certain point and subside.  Determined that the oils were re-orchestrating whatever the cause of the vertigo, I did NOT give up.  I continue to apply twice daily along with the heel thumps, deep breathing and hand holds.

I am happy to report that my bouts of vertigo have disappeared.  Family has commented on how much better I am doing…and I give full credit to your oil and refer to it as my “magic potion.” Thank you for taking the time to read this…and thank you so VERY much for helping me to get my life back.  

I would highly recommend this oil to anyone who is at the beginning stages of whatever is causing dizziness vertigo or balance issues.  If not at the beginning stages, try it anyways.  Like me they may see and appreciate the slightest improvement believing that one day it will make a HUGE difference. Thanks to using this oil, I am once again “Standing Tall! 

Have a great day!
~ RoxAnn

She has not had anything happen for a while, but they tell her that she has TMD and TMJ and this could also be causing her problems. So we are just taking each day and see what happens.
~ Mary M.

I am pleased with the product [StandingTall”]…  I am doing the heel thumps and hand holds as well. Vertigo is much improved.
~ Kathy F.

Thanks for checking in. I have been using the StandingTall” daily along with the heel thumps – have not been doing the hand holds. I have had absolutely NO SYMPTOMS since starting this program. Also using Flonase and Afrin nasal sprays once a day. I feel fabulous and so appreciative of all your information and supportive emails.
~ Kathy C

Yes, the oil [StandingTall”] arrived safely thank you.  I used it last week when I had a BPPV episode and was relieved and pleased that the symptoms only lasted a day instead of the usual 5/6 days. So it worked really well, and I shall certainly order it again.
~ Gillian I. (Great Britain)

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StandingTall™ Essential Oils for Vertigo Dizziness Relief, Meniere’s Disease Treatment – 15ml

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